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Daraz is an online shopping platform in Bangladesh. It offers a wide variety of products and services to its customers, including apparel, footwear, electronics, books and more. Daraz also provides great internship opportunities for students who are looking to gain experience in the e-commerce industry.

Internship positions at Daraz include roles such as marketing or business development interns, sales interns, data analytics and research interns etc. These internships provide valuable hands-on experience and insight into the world of digital commerce. Interns get to work closely with experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds and gain knowledge about innovative technologies used by Daraz for managing their daily operations.

They also have opportunities to network with other professionals within the e-commerce sector and learn how they can contribute towards improving customer satisfaction levels through various initiatives taken by Daraz.

Daraz offers amazing internship opportunities for those looking to gain real-world experience and build their professional network. Interns at Daraz get to work with a diverse team, hone their skills in the eCommerce market, develop new products and services, and apply the knowledge they have gained through studies. As an intern at Daraz you will be able to learn from some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry while also having access to cutting edge technology tools that are used by top organizations around the world.

Internship at Daraz


What are the Eligibility Requirements for Applying to Daraz Internship

Applying for an internship with Daraz is a great way to gain valuable experience in the e-commerce industry. To be eligible, applicants should have at least one year of relevant experience in sales or customer service and/or knowledge of general marketing principles. Additionally, candidates must have strong communication skills as well as excellent problem solving and organizational abilities.

It’s also important that applicants are familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Finally, successful candidates will need to demonstrate proficiency using Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Generally speaking, the ideal candidate is someone who has a passion for technology and digital marketing while being able to successfully identify opportunities within the e-commerce space.

If you meet these criteria then we encourage you to apply!

Applicants Must Be Currently Enrolled in a Bachelor’S Or Master’S Degree Program With an Interest in E-Commerce And/Or Technology

Applicants for a position in e-commerce and/or technology must possess both an academic and practical interest in the field. The ideal candidate should be currently enrolled in either a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, with a focus on understanding key technologies used in the digital age. This includes not only software platforms such as Salesforce but also digital marketing strategies like SEO, content creation, and analytics.

It is important to understand how these different tools can be combined to create effective customer experiences across digital channels. Additionally, candidates should have experience working with modern e-commerce technologies such as Shopify or Magento, knowledge of APIs such as RESTful services, and strong project management skills that allow them to build complex systems from start to finish. With this background of experience and education within the realm of e-commerce technology, applicants will stand out among their peers when it comes time for interviews!

A Strong Academic Record is Required, As Well As Excellent Communication Skills And a Willingness to Learn New Technologies

Having a strong academic record is essential in any career field, and this is especially true in the technology sector. The ability to understand complex concepts quickly and apply them to real-world solutions requires an excellent level of knowledge that must be acquired through rigorous study. Additionally, as technologies are constantly evolving and new tools are being created every day, having a willingness to learn these changes is also very important for success.

Along with technical skills, communication skills are equally necessary when it comes to working with others on projects or troubleshooting problems. Being able to clearly explain ideas and discuss solutions effectively can help teams work more efficiently together towards common goals. All in all, having both strong academic credentials along with the communication skills needed for collaboration make up the perfect combination for anyone seeking a successful career in technology fields.

Is There Any Stipend Provided During the Internship Period at Daraz

pk Yes, Daraz.pk does provide a stipend during the internship period. The amount of the stipend depends on how long you are interning and what position you hold within the company.

Interns who work in higher positions such as project managers or team leads may receive a higher stipend than those just starting out at entry-level positions. Generally, interns can expect to receive anywhere from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 per month depending on their role and length of stay with Daraz.pk. Additionally, interns may also be eligible for other benefits such as free meals and snacks while working at Daraz’s office buildings throughout Pakistan.

Yes, All Interns Receive a Stipend Throughout Their Internship Duration That Typically Covers Living Expenses Such As Food, Transportation And Accommodation Allowances Etc

Internships are a great way to gain experience in a particular field, and also to build up your CV with skills that will benefit you in the future. One important thing to consider when applying for internships is whether or not they offer any form of financial support. The good news is that many internships do provide some form of stipend throughout the duration of their program.

This stipend typically covers living expenses such as food, transportation and accommodation allowances, which can help interns financially while learning valuable skills on-the-job. Furthermore, some employers may even cover additional costs related to the internship itself – such as travel insurance or educational materials – so be sure to ask about these further details upon accepting an offer! Ultimately, having access to this kind of support can make all the difference between a successful internship and one that falls short due to financial concerns.

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Q3 What Kind of Tasks Will I Be Expected to Do During My Internship at Daraz

As an intern at Daraz, you will be expected to take on a variety of tasks that help the company achieve its goals. You might be assigned duties such as researching and analyzing customer feedback, developing content for marketing campaigns, managing social media accounts, or creating reports for management reviews. Additionally, depending on your background and interests you may also have opportunities to participate in product development projects and/or provide support in areas like customer service or operations.

Whatever tasks you are asked to do during your internship at Daraz, it is important that you remain professional yet creative in order to make a valuable contribution while learning from experienced professionals.

Additionally You Will Have Access to Mentorship from Senior Developers And Other Teams within the Organization Which Provide Guidance Throughout Your Journey at Daraz

Working at Daraz is a great opportunity to further your development journey in the tech industry. Not only will you get hands-on experience working on real projects with our cutting edge technology, but additionally you will have access to mentorship from senior developers and other teams within the organization which provide guidance throughout your journey at Daraz. Our experienced team of engineers and professionals are always available to answer any questions or help out with any issues that come up during development lifecycle.

They can offer insight into best practices, strategies for tackling complex problems, and advice about how best to use new technologies. We believe that having these resources available makes it easier for our employees grow their skillset quickly over time so they can make an impact faster than ever before. With this kind of support system in place at Daraz, we are confident that all of our employees can reach their full potential as developers and thrive in their positions!

Daraz Internship

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Daraz Careers

Daraz is a leading online shopping platform in South Asia and the Middle East. They offer career opportunities for individuals with diverse skillsets, ranging from customer service representatives to software engineers. Their culture encourages collaboration, innovation, and creativity – making it an ideal place to work for those who are looking to make a difference in the e-commerce industry.

Daraz Online Jobs for Students

Daraz Online Jobs for Students is a great way to earn some extra money while gaining valuable work experience. With Daraz, students can create their own schedule and choose from a variety of jobs that are perfect for those looking to make some extra income or gain more experience in the digital world. The platform offers flexible working hours, competitive wages, and an opportunity to network with potential employers.

Overall, Daraz provides an excellent option for students who want to earn money without sacrificing time spent studying or other pursuits.

Daraz Customer Service Jobs

Customer service jobs at Daraz are a great way for individuals to get involved in the e-commerce industry. At Daraz, customer service representatives are responsible for responding to customer inquiries and complaints via email, phone, chat, or other communication channels. They provide customers with helpful information and advice while ensuring their satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Moreover, they also help resolve any issues that may arise during transactions such as order returns or product exchanges.


Overall, the Daraz Internship Program is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in their field of study and build relationships with industry professionals. It gives interns the chance to develop skills that will help them grow professionally and personally. It’s also an excellent way for companies to find talented young individuals who are passionate about making an impact.

With its unique blend of challenges and rewards, this program provides invaluable benefits for both interns and employers alike—making it a truly worthwhile endeavor!


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