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Desco Internship is an 8-week summer program located in Des Moines, Iowa that provides college students and recent graduates with hands-on experience working on projects related to sustainability and the environment. The program focuses on creating a unique learning environment where interns learn from each other, engage in discussions about current environmental issues, and gain valuable skills through project work. Over the course of 8 weeks, interns are assigned to teams and given project topics ranging from energy efficiency to waste management.

Throughout their time at Desco Internship, interns participate in professional development activities such as workshops, webinars and field trips; receive mentorship from experienced professionals; network with employers; attend seminars by guest speakers; collaborate on team projects; take part in social activities; volunteer for community outreach initiatives. At the end of the internship period, participants present their final project findings during a showcase event at which they can also display any artwork or creative works they produced during their time at Desco Internship.

The Desco Internship is an amazing opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in the field of design. This internship provides interns with a comprehensive learning experience, where they are exposed to a wide range of topics such as product design, user interface design, graphic design, web development and more. Through this program, students will develop their skills and knowledge in these areas while also networking with professionals from leading industry experts.

With this internship comes hands-on projects that will help interns expand their portfolios and build their skill sets to better prepare them for future career opportunities.

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What are the Eligibility Criteria for Applying for Desco Internship

Desco Internship is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the field of engineering, design, and manufacturing. To apply for Desco Internship, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. Firstly, you must be enrolled in an accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Secondly, you should have completed at least two years of study in the field related to engineering or design before applying for the internship program. Additionally, applicants need to demonstrate strong communication skills as well as problem-solving abilities within their chosen field. Finally, they must possess excellent time management skills with the ability to work independently on complex projects while meeting deadlines.

Meeting all these criteria will give applicants an edge over other candidates when it comes time to apply for Desco Internship opportunities.

How Long Does the Desco Internship Program Last

The Desco Internship Program is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience and learn new skills. The program typically lasts between 10-12 weeks, depending on the student’s availability and school schedule. During this time, interns will be exposed to different areas of the company, including product development, customer service, operations management and more.

They’ll also have the chance to network with professionals in their field of interest as well as receive one-on-one guidance from mentors within the organization. With that said, it’s important that applicants are able to dedicate themselves fully during this internship period so they can get the most out of their experience and develop meaningful relationships while gaining industry knowledge. At Desco we value our internships not only because they help us bring fresh perspectives into our team but also because they offer an incredible opportunity for growth — both professionally and personally — which makes them truly special.

What Types of Projects Will I Be Working on During My Desco Internship

During my Desco internship, I will be working on a wide range of projects. I may help design and develop innovative digital solutions for our clients, create user-friendly web applications, or produce content that is optimized for search engine optimization. Additionally, I am excited to use the latest technologies and tools available to us such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or blockchain development.

In addition to developing new products, I can also help with the creation and maintenance of existing ones. My tasks could include designing wireframes & prototypes; coding HTML/CSS/JS; testing & debugging; integrating third party APIs; automating processes with AI/ML algorithms etc. As an intern at Desco, I look forward to using my technical knowledge in order to make our client’s websites more efficient and successful!

Is There a Stipend Or Salary Associated With the Desco Internship Program

Desco Internship Program offers a stipend or salary for interns depending on the project and their individual qualifications. The amount of stipend or salary an intern receives is based on several factors, including the scope of work, duration of internship, and education level. Generally speaking, Desco provides competitive pay that can range from $25 to $35 per hour for undergraduate students, while those with more advanced degrees may be offered higher salaries.

Furthermore, Desco also offers bonus payments for special projects completed during an internship period. In addition to monetary compensation for internships at Desco there are also other benefits such as professional development opportunities and networking events with industry professionals which provide valuable experience to interns in their chosen field.

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Are There Any Opportunities to Extend My Internship at Desco After Completion of Initial Period

There may be potential opportunities to extend your internship at Desco after the completion of your initial period. It is important to keep in mind that internships are not guaranteed and must be earned through hard work and dedication during the duration of the program. However, if you have displayed a strong commitment to learning and developing new skills while working with Desco, then extending an internship can become a possibility.

Talk with your supervisor or HR department about any available openings for extension and further discuss what requirements need to be met for eligibility. Also inquire about any necessary paperwork required for such an opportunity as some companies require additional forms or contracts before making this type of agreement official. Ultimately, having a positive attitude, taking initiative when it comes to tasks assigned during the course of the internship and communicating effectively with team members will help increase chances for future growth within Desco.

Will I Receive Training Or Mentorship from Experienced Professionals As Part of This Program

Yes, as part of this program you will receive training and mentorship from experienced professionals. These mentors are experienced in the field that you are entering and can provide valuable insight into what it takes to be successful. Through their guidance, support and resources, these mentors can help you develop the necessary skills to reach your full potential within the program.

They also provide a network for networking opportunities with other professionals in your field which can open up more doors for furthering your career path. Additionally, they may offer advice on how to create meaningful connections with others in order to build relationships that could potentially lead to job offers or internships down the line. Ultimately, having access to professional experience through mentorship is an invaluable asset that no aspiring professional should pass up!

Desco Internship


De Shaw Intern Salary

De Shaw & Co. is an American multinational investment firm that offers competitive intern salaries to its interns. According to Glassdoor, the average De Shaw Intern salary ranges from $6,000-$22,500 per month depending on the position and experience level of the intern. In addition, some interns may be offered additional benefits such as housing stipends or travel reimbursements.

De Shaw Internship Reddit

The De Shaw Internship Reddit is a great resource for individuals who are interested in learning more about the internship program at D.E. Shaw & Co., a global investment and technology development firm. The subreddit offers advice from current interns, alumni, and staff on topics such as how to prepare for interviews, what to expect during the summer training period, and helpful tips on succeeding within the company’s unique culture. It also provides insight into various aspects of life at D.E. Shaw & Co., including working hours, dress codes, and general office etiquette – making it an invaluable source of knowledge for anyone considering applying to their internship program!

De Shaw Research

De Shaw Research is an interdisciplinary research lab founded in 2002 by hedge fund manager and computer scientist David E. Shaw. The laboratory’s primary focus is to explore how high performance computing can be used to solve complex problems in a broad range of scientific fields, including biology, physics, finance and economics. De Shaw Research has collaborated on projects with many leading universities and research institutions around the world, including Harvard University and Stanford University.

Its team consists of scientists from multiple disciplines working together to push the boundaries of what’s possible using advanced computing technology.


In conclusion, the Desco Internship Program is an excellent opportunity for young professionals to gain valuable experience in the professional world. It provides a unique platform for students to develop their skills and network with industry professionals in a safe and supportive environment. The program also provides access to resources, mentoring opportunities, career advice, and more.

With its comprehensive benefits package and wide range of activities available throughout the year, this internship offers a great way to jumpstart your career path and get ahead in the business world.


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