50 Disney Internships job in United States  (25 new)

Disney is an American entertainment company that operates the largest family-owned media conglomerate in the world. With over $52 billion in assets, it’s no wonder why Disney tops our list as one of the most profitable and best brands to work for. Here’s our guide on how you can leverage Disney to find your dream job.

Disney is one of the most popular and well-known companies in the world. Its employees are called “cast members” and its fans are called “Disneyland”. The Walt Disney Company was founded by brothers Walt and Roy Disney on November 16, 1923.

The company’s first film studio opened in Burbank, California in 1939 with a staff of less than 1,000 people. Since then, it has grown into an entertainment giant with its headquarters located at Lake Buena Vista, Florida; which is about twenty miles east of Orlando.

Walt Disney Company info

  • www.disney.com
  • Burbank, CA
  • 10000+ Employees
  • 1923
  • Company – Public (DIS)
  • Motion Picture Production & Distribution

50 Disney Internship-job USA (25 new)

Yes, Disney has internships. Here are some of the internship opportunities: Disney Interactive Entertainment is looking for interns to work on a number of projects related to entertainment. These include working with concept artists and engineers on movie tie-ins, which can be anything from posters and toys to video games and apps. Other projects could be marketing campaigns or even special events at Disney theme parks like concerts or parades.

are Disney professional internships paid?

Yes, Disney internships are paid.

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Disney offers competitive pay and excellent benefits to its interns. Interns can earn up to $12 per hour in some departments, such as Accounting and Human Resources. Disney also offers a relocation package for interns who want to relocate with their families during the internship period.

In addition, Disney provides the following benefits: health insurance coverage, free Disneyland tickets for employees’ children, discounts on merchandise and dining at Walt Disney World Resort, full-time tuition reimbursement for college courses related to your internship duties (not including general education courses), a performance bonus based on annual evaluations from supervisors and complete employee security through employment screening and background checks performed by an outside agency.

An internship is a great way to learn about various aspects of working at Walt Disney World Resort while making valuable connections with colleagues in one of the world’s largest entertainment companies.
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Completely depends on the department, but it is not great. With a master’s degree, I highly recommend looking elsewhere as you are not guaranteed a position after your internship.

I knew several interns in guest and VIP services. It is barely above minimum wage – like $10 maybe. This was about three years ago. I also knew a lot of Adventure Guide PI’s (the people at animal kingdom), $9. Most said it is better to just apply for a full-time position rather than an internship since those aren’t intern-specific jobs if that makes sense. Anyone can be Guest Services, etc.

I worked in marketing which was $18 and one of the highest among everyone I knew. Communications and PR people made $10-$12. It is around $20 for the more technical jobs.

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