high school internships tech companies 2021 -2022

Internships are a great way to get a taste of what working in the industry you want looks like. They are also an excellent way to build your resume and get experience while learning new skills.

While most people start a new job during their first few weeks of employment, internships are often the first time many young adults get real work experience. High school internships offer students hands-on experience working with companies in fields such as technology, media, retail, and more. As these internships typically only last for a few months at a time, they can be particularly beneficial to high school students who need an edge to get into college or scholarships.


In this guide, we’ll take a look at how tech companies are looking for the best high school students to fill internship roles. We’ll explore the different criteria that these companies are using to hire and give you tips on how to prepare for an internship.

tech companies Hiring for High School Intern Jobs 2021 -2022

There are a lot of tech companies that offer internships to high school students. The best way to get your foot in the door is by creating a resume and sending it out to as many companies as possible. Many tech companies have internship opportunities that begin during the summer, which can be great for college students who want an internship experience before their senior year begins.

In order to find these internships, search on LinkedIn for recruiters who work at tech companies. Another resource you can use is your state’s workforce development agency or local high school career center since they often provide resources like this to help students prepare for their careers after graduation. Once you’ve identified a few good possibilities, create a resume and send it out via email with relevant information about yourself and what skills you have (be sure to include any awards or activities related to those skills).

What tech companies can I intern for as a high school student?

There are many companies that offer internships for high school students. Here is a list of some of the tech companies:
Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo. You can also check out some non-tech companies such as Walmart and Apple if you want to work in retail or in a restaurant. However, I would suggest you stick with tech because it will be much easier to get a job once you graduate from college.


Why Students Should Intern at Tech Companies as a high school student?


You must have some amount of money.
3-4 weeks at a list of companies that span the United States.

Assume $500 for round trip airfare, $125 per night for a hotel, $25 per day for expenses, and $50 per day to rent a car, and that comes to over $6,000.
The colleges will Love you, as it is obvious you can Pay for your complete education with no need for financial assistance from the college.

To connect to any of these companies (or any like them) it is:
“Who do you know?”

  • Teachers
  • Principal
  • Club advisers
  • Parents
  • Parents’ friends
  • Friends
  • Friends’ parents
  • Other relatives
  • etc.

You need to find one person who knows you well And knows someone at one of those types of companies who can call them and say:
“Hey Bill/Sally, I know this young woman/man who would love to do an internship with you. Can I send you her/his resume? Could you speak with her/him on the phone?”

Then, when the one in a thousand comes true, it will then depend upon:
“What do you know?”
With that resume and phone interview you will need to convince them that you are the “real thing” and not an albatross……

Maybe it is better to just Get a Job!!!!

I worked at Mcdonald’s.
First put the pickles and mustard and ketchup on the burgers.
Then moved up to making fries from scratch as well as milkshakes from scratch.
Then working the counter (with No mistakes)
Then being trusted to change the soda machines
Then being trusted to Open or Close
And of course, being back-up on the grill or the buns

e.g. I worked my way up the food chain quickly.
My manager then wrote a Glowing recommendation to MIT, and voila I got admitted, Early Action.

Wow, McDonald’s. Not McDonnell-Douglas nor Boeing nor Northrop……

Get a Job and prove your worth.

{I now volunteer to interview applicants to MIT……………….. You have to convince someone like Me that you did something worthwhile…… and stating …I would like to do some stuff to further impress the colleges… That doesn’t hack it.

Get a job and best of luck.

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