NASA internships kennedy space center

NASA is an American space exploration program managed by NASA. The agency, established in 1958, is responsible for organizing and managing the US government’s civilian space program. Its main goal is to understand the nature of life on Earth and other planets.

The NASA internship program has an impressive record of success in placing students at top universities. NASA offers full-time, paid internships at their headquarters in Washington DC, their Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Alabama, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena California. The program requires applicants to complete one year of college coursework before applying for an internship.

NASA internships at Kennedy space center

NASA offers a wide variety of paid summer, spring, and fall semester internships, as well as some graduate fellowships and scholarships through this site! Veterans considering seeking an internship at NASA should know that nearly all opportunities provided by NASA come with a monthly stipend. Many positions available at the U.S. Air Force as well as those offered by the Canadian Aerospace Authority also fall under this category. The positions listed on this website occur at one of the many NASA research facilities located across America and around the planet – so it’s important to note that we haven’t yet accounted for every facility location in which you may be interested in gaining experience and insight.


Academic Level

Academic level refers to the level of education you have attained in your country. Generally, this depends on your age when you enrolled in college or university. Your academic level may vary from one country to another. However, there are some countries that are generally considered to be lower-level when compared to others. Here is a list of the top 10 countries with the highest academic levels.

For more details about what qualifications are wanted, check out this list of Academic level that have been compiled for potential applicants below.

  • High School Students
  • Undergraduates – First Year
  • Undergraduates – Sophomore
  • Undergraduates – Junior
  • Undergraduates – Senior
  • Graduate Students (Masters)
  • Graduate Students (Ph.D.)Note: this opportunity encourages applications from community college students.
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internships Post Name

A career in tech is a great way to kick-start your journey in the Space exploration is a key goal of NASA and its mission to explore space and to share space research with the world. that exists to provide education, training, and outreach for professional, community, and school-based theater in Saratoga County.  The position is open while the post name is given below.

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • General Business
  • STEM Fields

internships Details

Here we have covered the job information of SpaceX American IT Consulting, Appliances, Electrica manufacturer, and space transport services company. We have added every detail of the job here like the post, Type Duration, location, Deadline, etc.

  • Job Title: NASA internships Kennedy space center
  • Employment Type: Internship
  • Deadline: Open
  • Location: Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • Types of agency: NASA is a government agency that conducts space exploration and provides scientific research to the United States
  • Apply for Summer:

Final Thoughts | NASA internships Kennedy space

NASA is seeking motivated students for a summer internship at Kennedy Space Center. In this role, you will work as a team member on an exciting project related to your interests and background. You will gain experience in various areas of NASA mission operations, from the launch control center to the mission control center to the flight director’s office.

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