Externship vs Internship

An externship is a work experience program which is designed for current students. 

What Is an Externship?

This program is mostly associated with business, law, medicine and architecture.

1. They’re short-term, which means they’re not a huge commitment 2.They’re flexible and require a minimal time .

The Benefits of Externships

3. They give you access to professionals who already work in the field 4.They help you network with people in your chosen career field, which can lead to jobs

An internship is a short-term period of employment in a specific job under the supervision of an experienced professional.  

What Is an internship?

Usually, internships are 16 weeks or less in length. Interns can be unpaid or paid. 

1. They may pay. In fact, about half of all internships pay. 2.Internships you have the greater your chance of getting hired.

The Benefits of Internships

3. It’s help you build up your skills and experience. 4. They can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.  5. They can help you decide what you want to be when you grow up.

We believe that both internships and externships are extremely valuable for students and trainees because they offer a real-life work experience in the field. 

Which One Should You Like?

It's like a preview of what your future could be like!

We highly recommend taking advantage of every opportunity you get to participate in an internship or externship.

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