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following areas Internship opportunities 1.Software Engineer 2.Hardware Engineer 3.UX Design 4.Supply Chain 5.Data Science 6.IT Operations 7.Finance 8.Marketing 9.Sales and Services

Microsoft Internship  (36 new Jobs)

Today's top 36 Microsoft Internship jobs in USA.Multiple internships in engineering, sales, marketing, finance and more. New Microsoft Internship jobs added daily.

01. Sales: Intern Opportunities for University Students, United State

02. Technical Program Management: Intern Opportunities, CTJ

03. Software Engineering: Intern Opportunities, CTJ

04. Data & Applied Sciences: Intern Opportunities for University Graduates

05. Machine Learning: Intern Opportunities for Ph.D. Graduates

06. Mechanical Engineer: Intern Opportunities for PhD Graduates

07. Marketing: Intern Opportunities for University Students, United States

08. Hardware Engineer: Intern Opportunities for University Graduates

09. Electrical Engineer: Intern Opportunities for University Graduates

10. Business Operations: Internship Opportunities for MBA Graduates, United States

The average Microsoft intern makes $92,556 per year. This number is a median. It is the midpoint between the lowest and highest salaries for interns at Microsoft.

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