World Vision Internship

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. It offers summer internships for college students who want to gain hands-on experience in international development. Interns will have the opportunity to work on projects that make a difference in the lives of those living in extreme poverty around the world.

They will also take part in activities such as attending meetings and workshops, researching policy documents, writing reports, developing communication materials, conducting interviews with community members or stakeholders, monitoring programs being implemented on the field etc. During this immersive internship program interns are provided with professional guidance from experienced World Vision staff as well as mentorship opportunities from leaders within the organization while they engage directly with communities impacted by poverty.

World Vision is a global organization that provides internships for individuals interested in making an impact on the world. With World Vision Internships, you have the opportunity to contribute to transforming communities through empowering children and their families, fighting poverty and disease, responding to emergencies and disasters, supporting development efforts, restoring hope and dignity around the world. As an intern with World Vision, you will gain valuable experience while helping those who need it most.

World Vision Internships

What Denomination is World Vision?

World Vision is a global Christian humanitarian organization founded in 1950. It works to bring transformation and hope to millions of children, families, and communities facing extreme poverty and injustice around the world. As a faith-based organization with offices in nearly 100 countries, World Vision is dedicated to partnering with churches, individuals, businesses and other organizations worldwide who share our commitment to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people – particularly those affected by poverty or related issues such as HIV/AIDS or natural disasters.

World Vision’s mission is rooted in its Christian values; it has grown from an evangelical relief endeavor into an international development organization that strives for holistic change among all people regardless of their faith or culture. In this respect, World Vision operates independently as an interdenominational partnership involving Christians from many different traditions including Anglican Episcopalians Evangelicals Presbyterians Catholics Lutherans Baptists Methodists Reformed Pentecostals Non-denominational churches Charismatics Mennonites Quakers Seventh Day Adventists Church of God Assemblies of God Brethren Nazarene Alliance Free Methodist Churches Church of Christ United Church Of Canada Disciples Of Christ and more.

How Does World Vision Work?

World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian organization that works to bring lasting change to the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty around the world. World Vision works in over 100 countries, serving all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Their mission is to help vulnerable children and their communities reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

To do this they work with local partners on long-term projects such as providing access to clean water, education support for girls and boys and health services; advocating for better policies; responding quickly when disaster strikes; engaging volunteers from all parts of society including business leaders, students and faith groups; providing direct assistance through food distributions, emergency medical care or shelter materials; building child protection systems so that all children are safe from exploitation or abuse. They also focus on creating jobs through economic development programs so that individuals can build a livelihood for themselves. In addition, World Vision works with marginalized communities to ensure they have access to essential resources like land rights for farming or fishing activities which provide them with dignity and independence.

By focusing on these areas together it enables sustainable change within those communities who need it most which helps break cycles of poverty once more!

Who is behind World Vision?

World Vision is an international Christian relief and development organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families, and their communities around the world. Founded in 1950 by Bob Pierce, World Vision works with people of all faiths to provide emergency relief such as food, clean water, health care and education; long-term development assistance such as job training and microfinance loans; advocacy programs on behalf of vulnerable populations like refugees and victims of human trafficking; community-based activities that help rural areas develop self-sustaining economic systems; and disaster preparedness training for both individuals and whole communities. By focusing on sustainable solutions, World Vision’s holistic approach helps break the cycle of poverty – equipping people with tools they need to improve their own lives.

Behind this impressive humanitarian mission are thousands of dedicated staff members who work together with local partners around the world to make a positive difference in the lives of those most vulnerable.

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How Do I Email World Vision?

If you would like to contact World Vision, the easiest way is to send them an email. To do this, first find their website and click on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of their home page. This will open a new window with several options for contacting them; choose “Email Us” from these options.

From here, enter your name, email address and message into the provided fields before sending it off. If you have any questions or concerns that require more than an email exchange, they also provide phone numbers as well as mailing addresses in case you would like to write a letter or speak directly with someone from World Vision. Their customer service staff is always happy to help out no matter how big or small your query may be!

World Vision Internship


How to Apply for World Vision Jobs

Applying for a job with World Vision is relatively straightforward and can be done either online or by mail. To begin your application, navigate to the Careers page on World Vision’s website where you will find current openings in all departments. After selecting the position you are interested in, read through the job description and qualifications carefully before submitting your resume, cover letter, and any other requested documents along with an official application form if necessary.

Finally, submit your completed application package for review – good luck!

World Vision Careers Login

If you are looking for a rewarding career opportunity that allows you to make a difference in the lives of millions, then consider working with World Vision. Through their online portal, World Vision Careers Login, job seekers can search and apply for positions from around the globe. With this platform, you can create an account where your profile will be linked to any jobs or volunteering opportunities that interest you.

Through this portal, applicants can also access resources such as career advice and mentoring programs from experienced professionals at World Vision.

World Vision Internship Application Form

World Vision is offering a unique opportunity to gain experience in international development by applying for an internship. The application form requires applicants to fill out basic personal information and answer questions about their qualifications, educational background, and area of interest. Furthermore, applicants must provide two references who can attest to their work ethic and potential success within the program.

All applications are carefully reviewed with strong consideration given to those with relevant experience or education in the field of global development.


This blog post has highlighted the many benefits of a World Vision Internship. It is clear that this type of program offers valuable experience to those interested in international development and provides them with an opportunity to make a difference. Participants gain knowledge, skills, and meaningful connections while making contributions towards global progress.

The internship also provides substantial support for developing countries by offering resources, training, and financial assistance. For these reasons, it is apparent why so many individuals are eager to participate in this unique program.


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