can recent graduates apply for internships

Internships are a great way to gain hands-on experience in your field. Interns can get a foot in the door at many of the world’s leading companies and receive valuable feedback that helps them land their dream job. The trick is finding an internship that fits with your skill set, interests, and career goals.

can recent graduates apply for internships?


You can apply for internships if you have recently graduated from college or university. The employers would require a cover letter and resume, plus some samples of your work. In addition to that, the prospective employer would want to know about the skills and abilities you will bring to the company, what you expect in return for your services, and what kind of working environment you expect to be in at the internship.

Is it possible to do an internship after graduation?

Yes, it is possible to do an internship after graduation. There are many organizations that offer internships on the basis of your skills rather than your qualification. There are many websites that give you an option of personalized search as per your requirements like Internshala. Apart from this, there are certain organizations like Young Engine which act as a link between aspirants and the corporate sector. So you can easily find an internship in any field even after graduation


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Hey, I was in the EXACT same boat as you 3 months ago, I’ve decided to say screw it I’m going for full time. I’ve even reached out to companies asking if they’re willing to take me as interns before I changed my mind to aiming for “full-time Software Engineer only, anything else is unacceptable”

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what I’ve observed:

  • internships are good but are still nothing compared to full-time experience. You can have 2-3yrs experience as interns (not unheard of in my uni) but you bet the employers will still take that other candidate with 6month – 1yr full-time experience

  • full-time interviews are surprisingly similar to internship interviews, just more rounds and maybe more difficult questions so make sure to brush on DS&A

  • you won’t know shit as an intern or a new grad and the employers know that they expect you to learn and grow

  • and ofc more $$

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