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“Welcome to the exciting world of internships in Cape Town for the year 2024! As one of the most vibrant cities in South Africa, Cape Town offers a unique blend of cultural, academic, and professional experiences. Our internship programs span across various fields, from Urban Sustainability to Human Resources, catering to a wide range of academic backgrounds and interests.

These programs provide an unparalleled opportunity to gain hands-on experience, network with professionals, and understand the dynamic work culture of South Africa.

Whether you’re a local student or an international scholar, our internships are designed to equip you with the practical skills and global perspective that employers value highly. So, get ready to embark on an enriching journey that will not only enhance your resume but also broaden your horizons. Welcome aboard!”

Requirements for cape town internship program

The requirements for internships in Cape Town can vary greatly depending on the field and the specific company. However, here are some general requirements that are often seen:

  1. Educational Qualifications: Many internships require you to be currently enrolled in or have completed a degree in a related field. For example, a marketing internship might require at least one year of relevant college/university study in marketing, communications, business management or a related field
  2. Relevant Experience: Some internships might require relevant internship or entry-level experience.
  3. Knowledge and Skills: Certain internships might require knowledge of specific areas. For instance, a marketing internship might require knowledge of social media marketing and digital communications, along with a working knowledge of Microsoft Offic
  4. Legal Requirements: Knowledge of employment laws and regulations can be advantageous.

Here are some of the top internships available in Cape Town, South Africa for 2024:

  1. Student Intern, Client Services, Accountant and more are available on Indeed
  2. PSG Cape Town offers internships and is a leading financial services provider in South Africa
  3. City of Cape Town offers Fire Fighter Learnerships
  4. Rola Group offers Motor Group Learnerships
  5. Media24 offers internships for digitally savvy journalists
  6. Ackermans offers a Graduate Programme
  7. Coronation offers Accounting/Finance/Audit Learnerships/Traineeships
  8. Mazars offers a Trainee Accountant position
  9. Foschini Group offers internships for those interested in the Financial Services Sector
  10. Burger King offers HR Internships

Eligibility criteria internships in Cape Town

  1. City of Cape Town Internships: They offer an Urban Sustainability Internship Program 2 and a graduate internship. Registration for their graduate/student internship database was open from 25 July – 11 August 20231.
  2. IES Abroad Cape Town Summer Internship: This is a full-time unpaid summer internship where you’ll work up to 32 hours a week at a local business or organization There are no language prerequisites and maybe a visa is required.
  3. Communicare Human Capital Internship: Applicants should hold a diploma or degree in Human Resources or Organizational Psychology, preferably drive their own vehicle, and hold a valid driver’s license.
  4. Cape Town Urban Sustainability Internship6: Priority will be given to university, technical university, and TVET college graduates in the Western Cape. Applicants must not be pursuing further studies for the duration of the internship
  5. SPAR South Africa Graduate Internship: Applicants should hold any 3 or 4-year diploma or degree in disciplines like Human Resources – Industrial Psychology or Labour/Employee Relations, Distribution Logistics – Supply Chain Management or Industrial Engineering7.
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Salary for internships in Cape Town

The average salary for an intern in Cape Town, Western Cape, is approximately R 7,466 per month1. However, this can vary depending on the company and the specific role. For instance, interns at Standard Bank reported an average salary of R 8,722 per month, while those at the University of the Free State reported an average of R 5,535 per month.

In terms of specific professions, here are some average monthly salaries for interns in Cape Town:

  • Student Intern: R 6,067
  • Operations Intern: R 7,878
  • Marketing Intern: R 6,329
  • Research Intern: R 5,433
  • Information Technology Intern: R 5,358
  • Engineering Intern: R 12,5791

Duration of internships in Cape Town

The duration of internships in Cape Town can vary greatly depending on the specific program and company. However, here are some general durations that are often seen:

  1. Start-Up Entrepreneurship Internships and Event Planning Internships offered by Intern Abroad HQ begin every Monday and interns may choose to spend a minimum of 2 weeks, up to a maximum of 24 weeks.
  2. The Urban Sustainability Internship Programme offered by the City of Cape Town has a specific application period
  3. The Summer Internship program offered by IES Abroad in Cape Town4 allows interns to work up to 32 hours a week.
  4. The Cape Town Film Industry internship offered by IE3 Global runs from September through March and lasts for 10 – 12 weeks

Are there any paid internships available in Cape Town?

Yes, there are several paid internships available in Cape Town, South Africa for 2024. Some of the opportunities include positions in companies like PSG Cape Town, City of Cape Town, Rola Group, Media24, Ackermans, Coronation, Mazars, Foschini Group, and Burger King. These companies offer a variety of roles such as Student Intern, Client Services, Accountant, and more. They also provide opportunities in different fields like Urban Sustainability, Motor Group Learnerships, digital journalism, Graduate Programmes, Accounting/Finance/Audit Learnerships/Traineeships, and HR Internships.

What are some popular companies offering internships in Cape Town?

Here are some popular companies and organizations that offer internships in Cape Town:

  1. redPanda Software: An enterprise software developer and technology enabler providing highly customized software, Mobile, and Cloud solutions to businesses across sectors.
  2. 4exchange Internships: Specializes in quality internships, student accommodation, and activities in Cape Town, South Africa.
  3. Cape Intern: Offers a variety of internships in different fields.

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