intel internships summer 2022

The Intel Internship program is one of the largest internship programs for undergraduate and graduate students in the world. Over 500,000 students are currently enrolled in the program, which was established by Intel Corporation in 1979. The program seeks to help students gain real-world experience while they pursue their degrees.


Intel is the leading supplier of microprocessors for personal computers, servers, and mobile devices. Its flagship product is the x86 microprocessor architecture. Its products are manufactured at its manufacturing facilities in a number of locations around the world. The company has over 70 brands that produce hundreds of millions of computer processors each year.


intel internships summer 2022

An internship with Intel can open up opportunities to be part of a dynamic and fast-paced startup. We are always looking for talented individuals with the desire to learn, work hard, and achieve the goal of creating great products. You will be challenged every day by the tasks you undertake, but we offer a friendly work environment that allows you to feel comfortable from day one.[United%20States]&f:@careerstage=[Intern%2FStudent]

intel internships Country/Territory: United States

  • Country/Territory: United States
  • Job Field: Intern/Student
  • Job Type: Intern/Student



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