Internships for High School Students Singapore

Internships for High School Students in Singapore are a great way to gain real-world experience while still in school. Internships can provide valuable insight into different career paths, as well as the opportunity to network and build professional relationships. There are several organizations that offer internships specifically for high school students in Singapore.

These include government agencies such as SkillsFuture, which offers learning opportunities; private sector companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple; non-profit organizations such as UNICEF; and educational institutions like NUS or NTU. In addition to these formal programs, many businesses also accept applications from willing students on an ad hoc basis throughout the year.

It is becoming increasingly common for high school students in Singapore to take part in internships as a way of gaining valuable experience, developing their skills and giving them an edge when applying for further education or jobs. Internships provide an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience that can help shape their future career paths. It also gives them the chance to build professional networks which can be invaluable later on in life.

High school internships are often paid or unpaid, but either way they offer a great learning opportunity and allow students to explore potential options before committing to any particular field of study or job role.

HOW TO FIND AN INTERNSHIP IN SINGAPORE – Singapore jobs for foreigners students


Top 10 internships for high school students in Singapore, along with their respective companies and brief descriptions:

Internship Title Company Description
Young Engineer Programme Rolls-Royce A 4-week program for students interested in engineering and aerospace, featuring workshops, projects, and tours of the company’s facilities.
Future Leaders Programme DBS Bank A 2-week program for students interested in finance and banking, including mentorship, workshops, and the opportunity to shadow bank executives.
Youth Expedition Project National Youth Council A 5-day program for students interested in community service and leadership, featuring outdoor activities, workshops, and the opportunity to plan and execute a service project.
Science Internship Programme A*STAR A 6-week program for students interested in science and research, with opportunities to work on real projects alongside scientists and researchers.
Junior Media Fellowship Singapore Press Holdings A 2-week program for students interested in journalism and media, including workshops, shadowing opportunities, and the chance to contribute to a media project.
Young NTUC Leaders Programme NTUC A 4-day program for students interested in leadership and advocacy, featuring workshops, mentorship, and the opportunity to plan and execute a community project.
Young Defence Scientists Programme DSTA A 4-day program for students interested in defense and technology, including workshops, tours, and the opportunity to work on a project related to defense technology.
Google Ignite Google A 3-day program for students interested in tech and entrepreneurship, including workshops, mentorship, and the chance to work on a startup project.
Junior Art Camp National Arts Council A 5-day program for students interested in art and design, featuring workshops, tours, and the opportunity to work on a collaborative art project.
Future Academy Temasek Polytechnic A 1-week program for students interested in various fields, including engineering, design, and entrepreneurship, featuring workshops, tours, and the chance to work on a project related to their area of interest.

Can Foreign Students Do Internships in Singapore?

Yes, foreign students can do internships in Singapore. The following eligibility criteria must be met: • Must have a valid student pass issued by the Singaporean Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

• The internship must include a training program that is relevant to the student’s course of study and has measurable learning outcomes. • The duration of the internship should not exceed three months. • The host company must be legally registered with MOM.

Overall, it is possible for foreign students to gain valuable work experience through internships in Singapore if they meet all applicable requirements set out by MOM.

How to Ask for an Internship As a Highschooler?

Asking for an internship as a high schooler can be intimidating. However, taking the following steps can help make the process smoother: • Research potential companies: Identify employers that offer internships to high school students and review their requirements.

• Perfect your resume & cover letter: Make sure your resume is up-to-date and tailored to each specific role. Include any relevant experience or skills in your cover letter. • Practice interviewing: Familiarize yourself with common questions asked during interviews so you’re prepared when it comes time to speak with recruiters/hiring managers.

By preparing ahead of time, you’ll feel more confident when applying for internships as a high schooler!

Is Singapore Good for Internships?

Singapore is an excellent choice for internships. It has a safe, vibrant, and well-developed environment that offers numerous opportunities to gain valuable experience. Benefits of interning in Singapore include:

• Professional opportunities – Singapore’s economy is booming and there are many different sectors that offer rewarding internship experiences. • Cultural immersion – The city is a melting pot of cultures which allows interns to learn about other countries through engaging with locals and their customs. • Abundant resources – Interns have access to world-class universities, libraries, and research facilities as well as various co-working spaces with cutting-edge technology.

Overall, Singapore provides an ideal setting for those looking for meaningful work experience abroad!

Do Interns Get Paid in Singapore?

Interns in Singapore generally do not get paid, however they may be eligible for some benefits. Benefits may include: • Reimbursement of transport expenses

• Meal allowances • Certificate of completion or performance bonus In some cases, interns who perform well and demonstrate commitment to their work can be offered a full-time job at the end of their tenure.

Therefore, participating in an internship could be a valuable stepping stone toward securing long-term employment opportunities.

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Internships for High School Students Singapore


Singapore Internship for Students

Singapore internships are a great opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience in a highly developed and diverse city. Interns will have the chance to explore many different aspects of Singapore’s economy, culture, and lifestyle while also gaining insight into their chosen field. Whether you are looking for an internship in finance, engineering or another industry, there is likely something available that meets your needs.

Additionally, interning abroad can give you the chance to make contacts with professionals from around the world and build transferable skills such as communication and problem-solving that can be used both during your time at university and beyond.

Short Internship for Students

Short internships are a great way for students to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field and explore different career paths. These internships typically last between one and three months, providing an ideal amount of time to get comfortable with the organization, learn important skills, and build a professional network. Short internships can provide invaluable insights into potential career paths and offer valuable real world experiences that will help students prepare for their future careers.

Internships for Jc Students

Internships provide JC students with an invaluable opportunity to gain real-world experience in their field of interest and to develop meaningful professional relationships. Through internships, students can learn about different career paths, explore potential job opportunities, and build the skills needed for success after graduation. Internship placements are often available through universities, employers or relevant industry associations.

Can a High School Student Get an Internship

Yes, high school students can get internships. Internship opportunities exist for high schoolers in a variety of fields, from STEM to business and liberal arts. By participating in an internship program during the summer or after-school hours, a student can gain valuable real-world experience that will help them stand out when applying for college or even full-time jobs after graduation.

High school interns also have the opportunity to network with professionals and build relationships which could lead to future career opportunities.

Where to Find Internships in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to find internships as there are many international companies located in the city. You can explore internship opportunities online through job portals such as JobStreet and LinkedIn, or visit government websites like SkillsFuture Singapore, which offers various training programs for young professionals. Additionally, you can contact universities and private organizations that offer internships or use your own network of contacts to get connected with potential employers.

With some research and effort, you will be able to find an internship opportunity in Singapore that matches your interests and experience level.

Research Opportunities for High School Students Singapore

High school students in Singapore have numerous research opportunities available to them. Research projects are offered in a variety of fields, including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Students can apply for both local and overseas internships with universities or research institutions such as the Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) or the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Additionally, some schools offer programs that allow students to work on independent research projects under the guidance of experienced professionals. These experiences provide invaluable hands-on experience while also helping to further develop individual skill sets.

Pre-University Internships Singapore

Pre-university internships are a great way to gain valuable work experience and explore potential career paths in Singapore. These short-term programs provide students with an opportunity to learn key transferable skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and time management while developing their knowledge of the industry they are interested in. Internships can also help open doors for future job prospects by demonstrating commitment and enthusiasm for the field.

Through these experiences, participants will gain insight into company culture, build networks and hone their professional development skills before graduating from university.

Job Internships

Job internships are a great way for students and recent graduates to gain valuable experience in their field of interest. Internships provide the opportunity to build important job-related skills, network with industry professionals, learn more about potential career paths and even earn college credit in some cases. Additionally, many employers view internship experience as an added bonus when considering job applicants, which makes them great resume builders.


Overall, internships for high school students in Singapore are a fantastic way to gain valuable experience and knowledge while making valuable connections. They offer young people the opportunity to explore different career paths and lay the groundwork for future success. By taking full advantage of such opportunities, high schoolers can achieve their educational goals faster and more effectively while also gaining insight into potential job roles they may be interested in pursuing after graduation.

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