How to Write an Email for Internship Application

This article is written for those who want to learn how to write an email that is perfect for applying for internships. we will show you the right way to write an email, which you can use to apply for internships and other jobs.

Most of us know that an internship is a great way to gain professional experience and skills. But when it comes to applying for one, some students hesitate because they don’t want to write the usual cover letter or CV. However, email is a useful medium for creating a digital footprint that can be used in your application.

Write an Email for Internship Application

When applying for an internship, a proper application format is essential. Your email should clearly outline your qualifications and how you will contribute to the organization. Your application is a formal representation of your interest in the job. The only way you can make it better is by sending a perfect sample email for the internship application format.

To: [email protected]____.____ (Receiver’s Email Address)
From: [email protected]_________ (Sender’s Email Address)

Date: __/__/___

Subject: Application for internship

Most humbly, I would like to inform you that I am ____________ (Name of the Applicant), and I live at _________ (Address).

As a student of ________ (study details) at ________ (Name of the Institution), I hope that my application for an internship position with your organization, __________ (Company/ Institute), will be considered and looked upon favorably. Reasoning: I would like to spend some time exploring the ___________________ work environment by participating in an internship at your company specifically because I believe it will be beneficial to me both professionally and personally. The following resume is attached for your evaluation and review. Ahead of this opportunity, I have enclosed copies of my academic transcript and letters of recommendation to further bolster.

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I believe I will get to work with you at the earliest and I shall be highly obliged for your kind support.

___________ (Name of the Applicant),
___________ (Contact Details)

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