Deloitte Graduate Internships 2024: Unlock Your Career

Explore Deloitte’s 2024 Graduate Internship Programme in Midrand, South Africa. Gain unparalleled learning experiences, career growth opportunities, and exposure to diverse projects. Apply now for a chance to collaborate with industry leaders!

Deloitte: Graduate Internship Programme 2024

Unlock your career potential with Deloitte’s 2024 Graduate Internship Programme in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. Discover unrivalled learning opportunities, diverse career growth prospects, and exposure to cutting-edge projects. Join Deloitte, a global leader, and embark on a journey of professional development and success.

Deloitte Graduate Internships Unlock Your Career
Deloitte Graduate Internships

What the Programme Offers:

1. **Unrivalled Learning Opportunities:** Deloitte’s advisory services ensure every project and client encounter presents fresh challenges, expanding your professional network and expertise.
2. **Exciting Career Growth:** Experience remuneration that matches your ambitions while collaborating with industry-leading professionals across less traditional actuarial fields and pioneering projects.
3. **Extensive Exposure to Risk Work:** Dive into a broad spectrum of risk management tasks, honing your skills and building a solid foundation for your career.
4. **Supportive Professional Environment:** Access a vast team of professionals dedicated to fostering your business and professional growth, providing invaluable project resources.
5. **International Opportunities:** Leverage the global Deloitte network for travel opportunities and access to international best practices.
6. **Competitive Further Studies Policies:** Benefit from competitive policies for further studies and study leave, ensuring continuous personal and professional development.

Internship Opportunities:

1. Consulting Infinity X Graduate Programme:

Suitable for those completing or in their final year of study in fields such as Engineering (all streams), Computational and Applied Mathematics/Statistics, Information Systems/Technology, Business Science and Finance, Computer Science, Economics.

2. Financial Services Advisory – Graduate Programme:

Tailored for candidates completing or in their final year of study in fields like Actuarial Science, Computer/Data Science/Analytics, Mathematical Sciences/Statistics, Quantitative Risk Management, Applied Statistics, among others.

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3. Actuarial Insurance Solutions Graduate Programme:

Ideal for graduates with a degree in Actuarial & Financial Mathematics or Honours in Actuarial Science.

4. AT Internal Audit Graduate Programme:

Open to those completing or possessing final year qualifications in fields such as B.Comm in Accounting, Law, Risk Management, Finance/Economics.

5. Assurance and Reporting Graduate Programme:

Suited for candidates with completed or final year qualifications in fields like Business/Sustainability, Engineering (including a master’s combining business and sustainability), or any other relevant degree.

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