How to Get easiest summer internships to get 2022$

Summer is the perfect time to seek out an internship or volunteer opportunity. At the end of this summer, you will have a unique experience and new friends. Here’s how to find the best summer internships for your skillset.

easiest summer internships to get

I think it is very important to have a summer internship. It is the best way to learn new things and grow as an individual. You will get more knowledge about different jobs and be able to find what you want to do in life.

If you’re interested in any of these internships, just go for it! If you need any help with that, please let me know!

If you are a college student, summer internships are the best way to get experience in different fields.
Internships will give you an opportunity to learn about the working environment and gain real-life work experience that can help you develop your skills and become a successful professional. You can find internships from various companies like banks, marketing firms, media houses, law firms, and even big brands such as Google and Microsoft.

You may also search for internship opportunities online through sites like, etc. These websites provide an opportunity for students across the world to find jobs with companies all over the world who want their services on a contract basis. Some of these websites have job boards where people can post their resumes along with required information regarding qualifications, availability of projects, and other details so that they can be shortlisted by employers looking for specific skill sets or talent pool at a particular time period. In this way, there is no need to go through tedious procedures of sending applications through email or making phone calls because these sites do all the hard work for you and provide instant responses so that you can land up in your dream company within no time!




Honestly, I don’t think anywhere is “easy.” Let’s think about the different types of companies that are looking for internships.

The Big Company

Think Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon. Positions at these companies are competitive. It might be considered “easier” to get an interview here since they are hiring so many people and are desperately looking for interns. However, there are tons of people applying, and their interviews are hard. I know Microsoft has an on-site round that consists of 4 back-to-back-to-back-to-back interviews. Facebook also has on-site interviews, and Google is just hard. From my experience, these companies really value experience when selecting you for an interview, so it’s probably tougher to get in if you don’t have other internship experience. But getting an interview is the easy part…

The Startup

Startup companies are going to be many pickers with who they accept. Mostly because they don’t have the space/need/resources to hire hundreds of interns. Some believe that the entry barrier is lower for startups, but I personally think they (should be) higher. This is because startups may only have a handful of software engineers, so they’re expected to do everything — from front-end to mobile to back-end to infra to security to testing, everything! Therefore, if you were an intern, I would imagine you’d be expected to be pretty versatile as well and I’d expect it to be pretty tough to work at a startup.

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The Well-known Company

This is a company that’s not enormous like Microsoft or Google, but also not sub 500 people like a startup. But it’s also a super well-known company, like Uber (2000 engineers), or maybe Snapchat (I guess it’s called Snap, Inc. now…?) or Yelp? Basically, companies that are not gigantic, but are not really startups anymore. I’d like to say that the interview process at these companies is “easier,” but I don’t think it really is. I interviewed with Yelp and had an internship at Uber, and my experiences weren’t that much different than they were with Google or Facebook.

The Unknown Company

This is probably the “easiest” place to get an internship. It’s definitely not easy, but your chances are probably higher. If it’s an unknown company, fewer people will be applying, but they still need to fill their intern positions. Therefore, they might be laxer with their criteria in order to make sure they actually have interns over the summer. The interviews might not be drastically different, but they may be a little easier (don’t quote me, I’m not positive).

These were just a couple of types of companies that I could think of. The main thing to takeaway is that getting an internship is not easy. It may seem like every company is hiring and desperate (because they usually are), but that won’t make them willing to accept unqualified people. In general, make sure you’re engaged in a lot of side projects not only because it will make your resume more attractive, but because it will really boost your skills and help you kill the interviews. Also, a tip that may or may not is valid: apply as early as you can, especially for smaller/less well-known companies. I feel that if you apply early, and they get back to you quickly, they’ll be evaluating fewer candidates at a time, so the chances you have of sticking out are larger. I’m not sure how valid that is, but I feel like it worked for me.

Good luck with the process! Be open to all the companies that offer to interview you, and practice, practice, practice!

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