how to choose between internship offers

Internships are a great way to learn more about your field and gain valuable experience, which can be extremely helpful in the future. With that said, there are many different kinds of internships, some of which are paid, some of which are unpaid, and some of which can have very different educational outcomes.

how to choose between internship offers

To choose between internship offers, you need to decide which one will be better for your career.
If you want to start a career in the field of digital marketing, I would suggest that you take an internship at Google or Facebook. If you are interested in computer science, then you can apply for internships at big tech companies like Google and Microsoft. It is also possible to join one of the top technology schools like MIT and Stanford where students have a chance to learn about computer science and programming. You can also go through university courses offered by universities such as Harvard University, Stanford University and other top colleges across the world.

In my opinion

I think it is really important that if we don’t work hard enough while studying we won’t get what we deserve later on in life so I would say yes this answer is correct!

I would suggest you think about this question from a different perspective. In my opinion, there are two types of internship offers:

1. Internship Offers for college students – It is the best way to gain experience in your field and learn more about the working world. You will also get better job opportunities after completing your internship.
2. Paid Internships – If you have already graduated from college or have a degree then it is a good idea to work for free as an intern because many companies prefer people with skills over graduates who don’t know how to do anything at all! But if you are looking for paid internships then I would suggest you look at these sites: Monster, Career Builder, and Glassdoor so that you can find out which ones offer the best paying jobs in your field of interest. This answer was very helpful! Thanks!

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How do I decide between two internship offers?

Congrats on your two offers! Honestly, this really depends on you. What do you want to get out of an internship?

Here are some major factors I’ve heard play into people’s final decisions. They may or not apply for you, but keep them in mind! Note that I’m answering this from a tech internship point of view. If you’re looking at internships in a different field, this can be a good start for when you make your final decision.

General Factors:

  • Company (e.g. reputation)
  • Salary
  • Compensation (e.g. relocation)
  • Transportation/Commute
  • Housing

Work Experience:

  • Project(s) slated for you to work on
  • Technologies involved
  • Intern responsibilities/expectations
  • Position (e.g. software engineer vs. program manager vs. quality assurance)
  • Company culture (e.g. openness to sharing information)
  • Organization hierarchy
  • Type of intern program (e.g. structured vs. ‘we’ll see what happens)

Social Experience:

  • The scale of the intern program (e.g. established intern program with events)
  • Available networking opportunities (e.g. The Valley vs. town nobody’s heard of)
  • Number of other interns in each area
  • Tech (or other interest) community in the general area
  • Location (what does the city offer?)

Personal Goals:

  • Probability of nailing a return offer (if that’s your goal)
  • Internal programs for personal growth
  • What makes your resume more attractive next year?


  • Probability of getting an offer at the company you don’t choose next year
  • Ability to bring the pet to work (e.g. dog)

It depends on how you want to spend your summer….the company does not really matter….you may be going thinking it’s a networking company but they may make you do analytics and stuff…

what will matter is the city..the travel..the food..the people …so think fun and decide.

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