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Internship programs serve as invaluable platforms for graduates to bridge the gap between academia and professional life. The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has announced its Internship Programme 2024, offering various opportunities across different disciplines.

Understanding the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA)

Before delving into the internship program, it’s crucial to grasp the role and significance of the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) within the context of South Africa. The JRA is responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of Johannesburg’s road infrastructure. Its mandate includes ensuring safe and efficient movement of people and goods within the city, thereby contributing to economic development and urban sustainability.

Objectives of the Internship Programme

The primary objective of the JRA Internship Programme 2024 is to enhance the employability of unemployed graduates by providing them with practical work experience in their respective fields of study. By offering structured internship opportunities, the JRA aims to:

  • Equip interns with hands-on experience and skills relevant to their chosen career paths.
  • Foster a culture of learning and development within the organization.
  • Create a talent pipeline for future recruitment needs within the JRA and the broader industry.
  • Contribute to addressing youth unemployment and skills shortages in South Africa.

Available Internship Opportunities

The JRA Internship Programme 2024 offers a diverse range of opportunities across various disciplines. These include:

  1. Marketing Management/Communications Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/03)
  • Suitable for graduates with degrees or diplomas in Public Relations, Communications, Marketing Management, or Events Management.
  1. Supply Chain Management & Logistics Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/04)
  • Targeted towards graduates in Supply Chain Management or Logistics Management fields.
  1. Income and Assets Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/05)
  • Open for graduates with qualifications in Commerce, Accounting, or Financial Management.
  1. Expenditure & Liabilities Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/06)
  • Designed for graduates with backgrounds in Commerce, Accounting, or Financial Management.
  1. Contracts Management Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/07)
  • Suitable for individuals with degrees or diplomas in LLB, Accounting, or related fields.
  1. Corporate Finance Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/08)
  • Targeted towards graduates in Commerce, Accounting, or Financial Management disciplines.
  1. Internal Audit Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/09)
  • Open for graduates specializing in Internal Audit, Accounting, or related fields.
  1. Risk Management Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/10)
  • Designed for individuals with qualifications in Risk Management.
  1. Human Capital Management Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/11)
  • Suitable for graduates in Human Resources Management.
  1. Total Quality Management Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/12)
    • Targeted towards individuals with backgrounds in Operations Management or Quality Management.
  2. Business Performance Management Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/13)
    • Open for graduates with qualifications in Public Administration or Operations Management.
  3. Information Technology Internship (Ref No: 03/2024/14)
    • Designed for individuals with degrees or diplomas in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Information Management.

Potential Impact and Benefits

The JRA Internship Programme 2024 holds several potential benefits for both interns and the organization:

Benefits for Interns:

  • Practical Experience: Interns gain hands-on experience in their respective fields, enhancing their employability and marketability.
  • Skill Development: Exposure to real-world projects and challenges allows interns to develop practical skills that complement their academic knowledge.
  • Networking Opportunities: Interns have the chance to network with professionals in their industry, potentially opening doors to future employment opportunities.
  • Stipend: Successful candidates are entitled to a monthly stipend, alleviating financial burdens during the internship period.
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Benefits for the Johannesburg Roads Agency:

  • Access to Talent Pool: The internship program serves as a talent pipeline, allowing the JRA to identify and nurture promising young professionals for potential future recruitment.
  • Fresh Perspectives: Interns bring new ideas and perspectives to the organization, fostering innovation and creativity.
  • Contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility: By offering internship opportunities, the JRA demonstrates its commitment to addressing youth unemployment and skills development in South Africa.

Application Process

To apply for the JRA Internship Programme 2024, candidates must adhere to the following steps:

  1. Review Eligibility Criteria: Ensure that you meet the educational and other requirements specified for the desired internship position.
  2. Prepare Required Documents: Gather necessary documents including a brief Curriculum Vitae, a cover letter, and certified copies of identity documents, a senior certificate, and qualification with an academic transcript.
  3. Submit Application: Send your application to the designated email address corresponding to the internship position of interest. Make sure to indicate the reference number in the subject line of the email.
Internship PositionReference NumberSend Applications to
Marketing Management/Communications03/2024/
Supply Chain Management & Logistics03/2024/
Income and Assets03/2024/
Expenditure & Liabilities03/2024/
Contracts Management03/2024/
Corporate Finance03/2024/
Internal Audit03/2024/
Risk Management03/2024/
Human Capital Management03/2024/
Total Quality Management03/2024/
Business Performance Management03/2024/
Information Technology03/2024/


  • Applicants must use the specified email address corresponding to the desired internship position.
  • The reference number must be indicated in the subject line of the email.
  • Required documents include a brief Curriculum Vitae, cover letter, and certified copies of identity documents, a senior certificate, and qualification with the academic transcript.
  • If no contact is made within thirty days after the closing date, consider the application unsuccessful.
  • Closing Date: 06 March 2024 @ 16:30.
  1. Wait for Response: Applicants are advised that if they do not receive a response within thirty days after the closing date, their application may be considered unsuccessful.


The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) Internship Programme 2024 presents an excellent opportunity for unemployed graduates to gain valuable work experience and skills in their chosen fields. With a diverse range of internship opportunities available, the program caters to individuals with various educational backgrounds and career aspirations. By participating in the internship program, both interns and the JRA stand to benefit, contributing to the overall growth and development of South Africa’s workforce and infrastructure.

As the application deadline approaches, prospective candidates are encouraged to seize this opportunity and submit their applications promptly. The JRA looks forward to welcoming passionate and talented individuals who are eager to contribute to the organization’s mission of building and maintaining world-class road infrastructure in Johannesburg.

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