Does Netflix have an internship program?

Netflix is the leader in movie streaming and online video. The company offers two subscription plans: a monthly plan and a yearly plan. The former allows you to watch as many films as you want, while the latter lets you watch only a certain number of films at once.

No. Netflix has not traditionally accepted interns or even new grads and has instead focused on hiring more experienced employees. That said, there are always exceptions, so there are some teams that will get some interns (mostly grad students) on an ad hoc basis.

Does Netflix have an internship?

Netflix does not have an internship program, but it does have a lot of internships for students and recent graduates.

As of May 2017, Netflix had 35 open positions listed on its career page. Many of these jobs are entry-level positions that don’t require any experience or college degree. The rest are roles that you can start with right after graduation and develop your skills over time to become a more senior employee at the company.

Here is a list of some open roles:

Senior Product Manager – Digital Content Optimization (Entry Level) – Senior Software Engineer (Entry Level) – Executive Assistant (Entry Level) – Technical Support Specialist (Entry Level)
The jobs also come with benefits like paid vacations, health insurance, and other perks such as gym memberships and discounted movie tickets at Redbox. All applicants must be between 18 years old and 26 years old when they apply for the job.

You can check and see if your field exists in the company here:

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Then you can check out this blog writeup on some of them:

Also, you can check out the LinkedIn profile of the head of recruiting:

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